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We have worked with tax, audit and consulting professionals since 2000 and understand your unique needs. We recognize the focus you bring daily in serving your important clients and are here to serve you when it works for you, providing the advice and service you expect.


We understand and help you navigate the complex independence requirements of your firm, carefully selecting investments that maintain and adjust to your firm’s compliance program, so that you can invest with peace of mind.


Your 401(k) is one of the most important pieces of your wealth. We help you utilize this benefit with recommendations that make sense for your specific goals and objectives. For certain firms we offer our Retirement Allocation Program (RAP), which provides monthly allocation advice online from our investment management team.


As professionals in the world’s leading tax, audit and consulting forms, you have unique benefits and for some, ownership in your firm. Our advisors, with years of collective knowledge, understand your needs throughout your career and how to address them for your personal life plans and retirement. In addition, we include these benefits with your other savings, investments and cash flows to create an integrated approach to managing your financial affairs.

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