Pathfinder Worksheet: What Issues Should I Consider When Reviewing Cashflow?

Building wealth and achieving your financial goals start and end with cash flow. You can only do 3 things with money – spend it, save it, or give it away. Your ability to build wealth and reach your goals is largely a matter of spending less than you earn and prioritizing saving and investing. This presupposes you have a way to track and monitor how much income is flowing in from all sources, and flowing out via spending. Online accounts and related tools have made tracking/monitoring relatively simple and painless. Further, automation such as setting up recurring transfers from your bank to your investment account removes natural impediments like indecision and impulsive spending.

Best practice is to manage cash flow utilizing these tools and making adjustments as needed. If you haven’t taken a close look at your cash flow recently, or want to revisit your spending and saving strategy, we have resources to help. Reach out to your advisor today and schedule a discussion. If you’re new to QA, please click here to connect with us.


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